Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet

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This Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch is the perfect addition to your smart home by adding the ability to switch off any outlet with a remote.  It makes your life much easier as you now can have a single remote for all your important house appliances.

You can use this Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch with one remote and several receivers or several remotes and one receiver.  The customization is endless and lets you choose your configuration for your home.

You’ll save tons on electrical bills by having this remote because you’ll be able to turn on/off your outlets whenever you want, from wherever you want in your home.  It’s the perfect device to save big and to save the environment.

The wireless range goes up to 100 feet, so you’ll be able to control outlets all over your house.  You won’t have to worry about being downstairs and turning off a light up stairs.  It makes your life super easy.

The product is built solid and built to last.  The best part about the Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch is that there are no apps, wires or major configuration necessary.  Just a simple remote and switch that makes things super easy.



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