Waterproof 40x60 HD Monocular Phone Attachment

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Get the Best View on your Adventures!

Our 40x60 Monocular Telescope is amazing for capturing wildlife and magnification in high definition. Keep it in your pocket - see something amazing? This can zoom in 1000 yards giving you a crisp close up view instantly. It works great for bird watching, hunting, sporting events, hiking and much, much more!

Including our Quick Alignment Phone Holder, take photos and record all of the action. It's great using a monocular or telescope, but to capture the phenomenons we see is something extremely precious to us. Go back and experience some of the best moments of your life over and over! Quickly align what you're looking for without holding your eye close up, simply experience the monocular through your phone screen.

Product Benefits

High Power 40x60 Magnification, Gain an advantage while enjoying the outdoors. Spot out the trail or get a closer look at the bear across the river. Use it at sporting events, is your seat a bit to far back? Enjoy the action up close like you're front row!

Quick Alignment Phone Mount, Record and take photos of all the amazing things you can spot through the Monocular Telescope. Our Phone Holder makes it easy to carry and align, watching it through your phone guarantees crisp superior light transmission compared to any Monocular Telescope with the human eye.

Flawless Design, ?Completely dustproof and waterproof it is made of shock-absorbing rubber armor making it weather proof. Take it anywhere, accidentally drop it? We have a 100% guarantee this Monocular Telescope will not take damage.

Steady Flex Tripod, Easy to attach - our tripod is made of completely flexible cable for the legs. Extremely strong and steady, adjust the height and angle to get the perfect shot.

Focal Length Adjustment, Zoom in and out with ease using the rotating knob on top. Allowing you to get up as close as possible or pan out to align what you want to zoom into easier. There is also a compass on top!

Compatible with Any Smart Phone!

What You Get When Your Order Today

  • 16X52 Monocular Telescope
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Hanging Strap
  • Phone Holder