Upside Down Reverse Double Skin Umbrella

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Upside Down Reverse Double Skin Umbrella

Wanda's inverted or reverse umbrella opens inside out leaving the wet side of the canopy contained on the inside making it dry to handle.

Rather than creating pools of rainwater when it is put away, the reverse umbrella folds the opposite way, collecting drips inside it.

This fantastic umbrella opens and closes in confined spaces. Getting into your car, you can close the canopy down into the gap of a car door, whilst remaining dry and the water stays inside of the umbrella and doesn't get the car seat or floor wet.

As you open the reverse umbrella it opens up over the user and is great for keeping dry whilst getting out of the car and solves the problem of poking passers-by in the head with an umbrella's spokes because it opens from the top rather than the bottom. The special design of this umbrella allows it to stand totally on its own without any support when closed. 


The double canopy and flexible fiberglass frame make this novel umbrella wind resistant, sturdy and durable and the overarm handle means that you have your hands free for important things like shopping bags! 

This reverse umbrella is not only great for your car; it also makes a great gift idea for friends and family.


  • Double skin

  • Wind Resistant*

  • Opens inside out

  • Variety of colours available

  • Soft feel over arm handle - for hands-free use. 

  • Approx. length when closed 80cm

  • Approx. diameter when open 107cm

Revolutionary Upside Down Reverse Double Skin Umbrella

* Please use caution in strong winds as wind damage does not constitute a faulty frame. However, if your umbrella does invert please simply close in the normal way and re-open to restore your umbrella to its original shape.