Ultrasonic Universal Animal Repeller

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Keep your garden or crops safely, without annoying animals with the new ultrasonic repeller squirrel to chase away completely any invader. Its mechanism is completely reliable and does not harm animals. The ultrasonic repeller squirrel not only keeps squirrels away, but also birds, foxes, moles, and other animals. Don't wait any longer and get our product now at the best price

Ultrasonic Squirrel Repellent Benefits :

  • Made with resistant materials
  • Easy to use
  • Keep animals away without causing harm
  • It is charged by a solar panel
  • It has a motion sensor
  • The adjustable ultrasonic frequency can repel different animals, such as birds, dogs, foxes, mice, squirrels, etc.
  • Designed for use outdoors
  • Waterproof



Battery: 3pcs of 800mAh AA rechargeable battery

Solar panel: 6V 50mA

Motion sensor trigger: <15 feet

Ultrasonic frequency: 15KHz-25KHz (adjustable)

Effective Range: 5000 sq ft